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July 23, 2010

Rising Star On A Fiddle


Most teenagers are spending the summer hanging out at the pool, cruising the mall or scooping ice cream for a few extra bucks. But 15-year-old Ruby Jane spends her time sharing the stage with some of country music's greatest names, including Willie Nelson and Mark O'Connor. Ruby Jane started playing the violin at the age of two. She's now a world-class fiddler who also sings, composes music and plays the guitar and mandolin. Guest host David Brown talks with Ruby Jane in Austin, Texas about her adventures in music, how she found her home on the road, and why still gets nervous when she meets her musical idols.

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The B.U.M.S

It's been a long fight … but this week, Congress approved a bill to restore federal benefits to the unemployed. This affects 2 and a half million Americans facing long-term unemployment. Bill Gascoigne and Kyle Mankes are both under 40 and, until recently, both unemployed. Kyle had been a business analyst. Bill formerly worked as a Michigan city manager. Now they’ve created a group called BUMS: The Brotherhood of Unemployed Men. They meet regularly at a local bar for support (and pool). Kyle and Bill talk with Dick Gordon about their efforts to find work and their passion to help other unemployed men. And they both have good news - Bill has had some promising interviews, and Kyle started a great new job about two weeks ago.

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