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July 12, 2010


cots in a tent hospital
Inside the tent hospital - photo courtesy of Dave Pitcher

Six Months Since The Quake

Produced by
Kenny Malone and Dan Grech

Six Months Since The Quake

Today, on the six month anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti, we have a special feature from a team of radio producers in Miami. Shortly after the earthquake, three doctors and a physical therapist from Florida flew to Haiti to help. David Chan, David Pitcher, John MacDonald and Carmen Maria Romero were initially overwhelmed and disheartened about what little they could do to help. Then one event changed everything for them - the sound of one guitar inspired an entire tent hospital to sing.

This piece was produced by Kenny Malone and Dan Grech, of WLRN's radio show Under the Sun.

  • Learn more about Project Medishare, the organization the medical professionals worked with in Haiti

Fighting the CAFOs

Lynn Henning is a farmer from south central Michigan. A few years back, she and her husband got some new neighbors - CAFOs - or concentrated animal feeding operations. One CAFO can house 700 to over 1000 animals that never see the light of day, and produce more waste than a town of 60,000 people. A few odd events led Lynn to become a determined activist against CAFOs. She's recently been awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize for her work.

A New Concern

Kim Cheek has lived on the Mississippi coast since 1991, when she and her family moved to Waveland. At that time, they joined Christ Episcopal Church in nearby Bay St. Louis, where Kim serves as music director. Kim lost her home and her church during Hurricane Katrina. This summer she rejoiced with fellow parishioners as they consecrated their new waterfront building. Now Kim is feeling a new tension, wondering what the oil spill will bring.


"Look to the Day", by John Rutter, published by Hinshaw Music, Inc.

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