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July 30, 2010

Six String Salvation


One feature of summer, in many cities, is the blues festival. Augusta Lee Collins is familiar with that scene. His career spans 40 years, opening for and playing with music legends such as Lightnin' Hopkins and Miles Davis. This year Augusta Lee was inducted into the Bay Area Blues Hall of Fame. Augusta Lee knows the blues because he's lived it. He was homeless for 2 years, and at the time he serenaded passersby with odes of living on the street. But now, Augusta Lee Collins is using blues to celebrate - the music has given him his life back.


Many of the best stories you've sent in over the years are "coming of age" stories - either the ones when you are actually coming of age, or those times when someone in your life decides that its time for you to go through such a ritual. Brad Stoller wrote in to say "The short (version) of the story is my father taking me - at age 12 on a road trip in the mountains of the Big Sur in California" to have an adventure. As Brad tells Dick, he and his father did have an adventure, even if it did seem a bit self-imposed. It involved a lack of planning, food, water, getting lost, and sleeping in temperatures close to freezing, but it's a memory that also contains an unexplained bit of magic.


"1000 Miles from Nowhere" by Augusta Lee Collins, 2006, "Big Legged Woman" by Augusta Lee Collins, 2007, "Maiden Voyage" by Herbie Hancock, Mt. Fuji jazz fest,  August 1986

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