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July 29, 2010

Turtles And The Oil


This week, the Center for Biological Diversity filed a lawsuit demanding that the Department of Interior do more to protect endangered sea turtles from the effects of oil drilling off the Gulf Coast. David Godfrey is not waiting for the outcome of that litigation. He’s a native of Florida, a conservationist, and one of the many people fighting to save sea turtles from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. He works for the Sea Turtle Conservancy. David recently visited a beach in Panama to attach transmitters to giant leatherback turtles. He's tracked one of those turtles, "Dawn," all the way into the Gulf of Mexico. He is also part of the effort to transport turtle nests from around the Gulf to the eastern coast of Florida, in hopes of saving hatchlings from the oil spill.


If you saw the Pixar movie 'Up,' you probably thought nobody can really fly with balloons. Well, you can. On a dare from his work mates, Jonathan Trappe took his first balloon-powered flight two years ago, in his office chair. Hoisted by over 50 giant helium balloons, he sailed up to 14,000 feet, floating across the North Carolina countryside for over 4 hours. Jonathan has done a handful of flights since, and he's become addicted to these silent and joyful flights of fancy. Today, we get an update on his attempt to cross the English Channel, with the power of helium.

  • Visit Jonathan's website for an amazing recap of the journey
  • Watch a news report that includes footage of Jonathan in flight

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