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July 21, 2010

Will Dive For Food

Will Dive For Food

Jeremy Seifert has become an unlikely hunger activist. Some friends of his showed up at his LA apartment one day with bags full of gourmet food from the dumpsters behind the local Trader Joe's market. Jeremy was shocked and intrigued. Soon after, he waited until midnight and hit a dumpster himself, bagging delicious meat, veggies, eggs, cheese - enough to feed his family for days. Jeremy started going regularly, and decided to turn his dumpster diving adventures into a movie. But his movie "Dive" isn't a how-to video; Jeremy is digging deep for answers. Why is so much edible food wasted, thrown away behind hundreds of grocery stores across the country every night? Jeremy talks with Farai Chideya about using his nose to tell good food from bad, and taking his fight up the Trader Joe's corporate ladder.    

Looking Back To Look Forward

Obesity is a major health problem across the United States. But there may be no place that's as profoundly affected as the Tohono O'odham Nation, south of Tucson, Ariz. Native Americans there have one of the highest rates of diabetes ever recorded. Terrol Johnson grew up on the reservation eating fry bread, government-supplied cheese, and drinking liters of soda a day. After Terrol was diagnosed with diabetes as a young man, he set out to change the way his community eats. He talks with Dick about his journey towards rediscovering traditional foods - and a very long walk he embarked on as he tried to improve his own health. Terrol's walking companions, his nephew Shane and niece Maray, also join the conversation to talk about what the walk has meant to them.

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