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August 26, 2010

Behind the Strings

The US Open Tennis Tournament begins this weekend. But not all the professionals there will be on the courts. 40-year-old Joe Heydt had been stringing tennis racquets at his tennis shop for almost two decades and he will be at the Open stringing for the pros. Joe was first discovered at a seminar when his speed and technique caught the attention of his instructor, and eventually he was introduced to the greatest, most exacting tennis stringer teacher in the world: Yat Kong. Yat's perfectionism shocked Heydt, but it also galvanized him and helped him earn a spot stringing at the world's Grand Slam tournaments. As he prepares to string at his second US Open, Joe talks with Dick Gordon about how his journey opened his eyes to his own passion and gave him an even greater appreciation for the discipline required of all members of the game.

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