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August 16, 2010

The Bionic Woman

 Leonor Childers is one of the few people in this country who have a new kind of heart pump - one that is permanently implanted that she plugs into the wall each night. When Leonor was pregnant with her second set of twins, she discovered a lump on her breast.  It was cancer.  She and her husband decided to go through with the pregnancy, despite chemo and other treatments.  When she delivered 8 weeks early, the last thing the couple expected was for Leonor to suffer heart trouble.  But that's what happened.  Soon after, she found herself in the hospital with a failing heart.  She received a cutting edge heart pump with a 54-percent survival rate after 2 years.  Dick Gordon talks with Leonor about what life is like with the new device and what her goals are these days. 

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