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August 05, 2010

Staying Afloat

Today's job market is nothing short of cutthroat. The recession has made new jobs few and far between, and applicants for entry-level positions can range in age from baby boomers to current college grads. Even non-paying volunteer and internship positions are deluged with interest. In 2008, Liam Daniel Pierce had an offer to intern at The New Yorker and a degree from an Ivy League school in hand. But then he got the news that his internship had been cut under new budget restraints. Undeterred, he moved to New York anyway and began a several month stretch of temp work and odd jobs. But this former college newspaper editor has more than a proficiency in Microsoft Word on his resume: he is a trained gondolier. He talks with guest host David Brown about his adventures working at the Central Park boathouse and his plans to "stay afloat" during the recession.

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