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September 15, 2010


Thomas and Valinda
Thomas Moor and Valinda Dyer

40 Years After Integration


Thomas Moor and Valinda Dyer both graduated from Park View High School, in South Hill Virginia in the spring of 1970. Thomas and Valinda’s class was integrated in their senior year. Thomas moved to the all white school from nearby East End High.  At Park View, Thomas and Valinda became friends. They graduated and got on with their lives. But when it came time to celebrate reunions, to reflect back on those times, it turns out that Valinda, the white student, had a lot more trouble than Thomas. Valinda never went to the regular high school reunions, until this year. The two friends join Dick Gordon to talk about the legacy of integration in their small town. 


We recently asked listeners to call in our Open Mic to tell stories of how life has changed because of a deployment, or the economy. Today’s story comes from the former owner of a fish and chips shop in Idaho.


Magda Sayeg just had her first solo show in Rome, Italy. Magda is not a painter, or a sculptor. She is a “yarn bomber." By night she covers things in public spaces - with her knitting. Magda got the idea in 2005 when she knitted a cover for the handle of her Houston clothing store. Magda says her life has completely changed since that day in the shop- and these days she travels the world with her fiber graffiti.


Theme Song from To Kill a Mockingbird

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