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September 29, 2010

Green Burial

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Denise Schreiner

Green Burial

Clark Wang is a psychiatrist who, like most of us, didn't think much about death.  When he did, he always figured he'd be buried next to his mother in Michigan.  Then Clark found out he might be dying. Now he's become an advocate for a growing movement in the United States called green or natural burial.  Instead of an expensive metal casket sealed in a vault to keep hazardous fluids from leaching into the ground - or cremation which spews contaminated dust residue into the air, Clark is opting for a biodegradable coffin made from salvaged wood.  He'll be buried in a natural wooded area newly set aside as a memorial garden by a traditional cemetery.  

Reluctant Landlord

When Dick first talked with Anne Trubek two years ago, it was just after the housing bubble had burst. Anne had bought a new place, but she was stuck with an 1840’s farmhouse in Ohio that she couldn’t sell. So, Anne decided to rent her house - and she became a somewhat reluctant landlord. But finally, Anne has something to report! Her house finally sold - but she has discovered that she is still a landlord - her own.

  • See Anne's real estate ad and a picture of the house.
  • Read Anne's essay about the lessons she's learned while renting her home during the housing slump.
  • Check out more of Anne's writing about different issues.

Born To Run Barefoot

Non-profits around the country are struggling to find and keep funding to provide essential services to the communities they serve. When social worker Matt Jenkins heard that his organization just lost three major grants from the state, he did all he knew how to do. He started running - barefoot. Matt planned a route across the state of North Carolina, hoping to raise funds for his organization and raise awareness of the budget cuts. His next challenge? 50 marathons in 50 days. Barefoot.

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