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September 30, 2010

Iraq: Walls Within Walls

Iraq: Walls Within Walls

The U.S. began its official pull out from Iraq last month. Combat troops left at the end of the summer, a move hailed by President Obama as end of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Over the years, we’ve followed what that war was like for an ordinary Iraqi family through the stories and audio diaries from Ahmed Fadaam. Today, we find out what Ahmed is seeing in his neighborhood in southeast Baghdad.

Open Mic: At Home

We've been asking listeners how the housing crisis is affecting them personally. We have gathered some great personal stories from all around the country. Some stories show how difficult the situation is, but others who’ve called in to our Open Mic line have talked about opportunities for creativity. Today, three stories, including a listener in Las Vegas who calculates that it is actually cheaper for him to let go of his place and move into a room in the local casino - permanently. Call in with your story! 1-888-966-9862.


Myke Weiskopf wrote to us to say: "I'm an old-school radio man, sound-gatherer, and old-world obsessive. I've been lucky enough to take my shortwave all over the world ... I've posted recordings from broadcasts in Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan..."  (His list goes on … and these are just the A’s!) This past summer, Myke went to Bulgaria and had a chance to meet the woman who started it all: the very first Bulgarian woman he heard singing on the radio whose voice has haunted him ever since.

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