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September 24, 2010

Love In The Time Of Tenure


Applications to grad schools nationwide spiked two years ago, when the economy tanked.  Many students, pursuing a PhD, hope to become professors. That can be great work if you can get it, but the path isn’t easy. Caroline Bicks and Brendon Reay met as humanities PhD students and they married soon after graduation. They remained devoted to each other even while living, working and even having a child in cities 800 miles apart from each other. After a few years, they found jobs in the same city and it seemed they had it made - until tenure decisions rolled around. Dick Gordon talks with the couple about how they’ve handled their relationship and their thoughts on a system that ended one academic career while securing the other.

  • Read more of Caroline’s writing about work and home.


Hamilton Loomis’ life changed when, as a teenager, he met Blues legend Bo Diddley. Hamilton says he was only expecting Bo’s autograph, so when he was invited to play with Bo on stage he was shocked. Even more so when he was invited to Bo’s home. Dick Gordon talks to Hamilton about his friendship with the blues great and how Bo influences his music today.

  • Learn more about Hamilton’s music.


We've been on a roll with our most recent Open Mic question: What activity have you vowed to continue into YOUR later years?  It started with a group of women who vowed to wear their bikinis - another listener called in to say he'll never cut his hair -- he likes the aging rocker look. Today, two more stories -- a hockey playing mom, and a woman who just got her first motorcycle and is learning to ride.

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