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September 23, 2010

Mississippi Transplant

Mississippi Transplant

Tanna Sherrill grew up in Michigan, in a working class family with Polish roots. Her dad worked in the auto plants, but by the time Tanna was in middle school, he was struggling to hold onto jobs as companies downsized and plants were closed. After his last job fell through, Tanna's father knew he'd have to leave Michigan to find factory work. When he moved to Mississippi, Tanna followed him, leaving her mother, friends, and college behind to start over at Ole Miss and live with her dad.  Tanna talks with Dick Gordon about a northern girl discovering the south, and how the move has actually been a very good thing.

Reality Show Reject

Victoria Thaine is passionate about cooking. She wanted to share that passion with the world on the hit television show "Master Chef Australia." What happened is a journey that she and her partner Neil never would have expected. When Victoria didn't make it on the show, they decided to make a web series of their own. Victoria and Neil talk with Dick about the low points, high points and many laughs along the way.


We've been having a lot of fun with the Open Mic question "What will you continue doing 'til your Golden Years?" Today, listener David Dale from Sherman Oaks, California called in with his story about...his hair.


2 versions of Mississippi Blues performed by Etta Baker; and Roy Book Binder & Willie Brown; Hair performed by The Cowsills.

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