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September 20, 2010

A New Idea For Healthcare


These days when you hear a story about health insurance it’s usually people complaining about rate increases or refusals to pay claims. But there’s a new twist in how some insurance companies are saving health care dollars. It involves paying the salaries of extra nurses in doctors’ offices to help chronically ill patients stay on top of their conditions … and out of the hospital. Anita McCole was one of the first to be employed by Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania. She tells Dick how it works and why it’s some of the most rewarding work she’s ever done. 


We recently asked this Open Mic question: “What are YOU seeing these days in the housing market?” Today, answers from Oklahoma and Michigan. Two listeners, two states, and two very different stories.


The miserable economy has sent a lot of people back to graduate school. It’s not a bad strategy to enter the cocoon of academic life and to wait until people are hiring again. But the job market is also raising questions about the value of graduate education. Will there be a good job at the end of all those extra years?

That’s where the cartoonist Jorge Cham gets most of his material. Jorge dreamed of becoming a college professor and researching cutting edge robots. But while at Stanford, he started drawing a comic about life as a graduate student. The comic was a big hit in the school newspaper, and soon found fans at universities around the country. When Jorge got his PhD and struggled to find his dream research position, he realized that becoming a cartoonist was maybe what he was meant to do all along.

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