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September 22, 2010

No Longer Quivering

No Longer Quivering

The reality TV couple, the Duggars, stars of "19 Kids and Counting," just brought home their 19th child this summer. Allowing God to decide how many kids to have, the Duggars are like many conservative Christians who subscribe to the cross-denominational, patriarchal ideals of the Quiverfull movement. Vyckie Garrison knows about that life because she lived it. The divorced mother of seven left the movement and her husband two years ago. Vyckie says for her, the life of submission she was leading was life-threatening and mentally abusive. She has full custody of her kids and has started a blog, No Longer Quivering, as a source of support for women escaping and recovering from what Vyckie says amounts to spiritual abuse.

  • Read more on Vyckie's blog.

A Place To Hang His Hat

There is at least one business thriving in this economy: a Chicago hat shop. Graham Thompson has had a thing for hats ever since he watched Robert Mitchum sport a jaunty gray hat in the 1940s movie Out of the Past. As a teenager, Graham saved up all his money to buy a custom hat from a legendary Chicago hatmaker. He was hooked. When Graham returned from college, the hatmaker was preparing to retire and Graham hatched a plan to buy the equipment and start his own shop. The problem: Graham had never made a hat in his life. He spent years in debt, but Graham finally made his store a success. He talks with Dick about hats, the golden age of movies and his business strategy.


Boom Boom and Hoogie Boogie by John Lee Hooker

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