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September 13, 2010


Cassio Batteast with his sister and nephews
Cassio Batteast with his sister and nephews

Raising The Boys


A new survey says close to three million children in the US are now being raised by a grandparent, and the number keeps going up. It’s a story of military deployments and families making do in the recession, but it also reflects a trend where many teenage fathers leave their babies behind. Cassio Batteast became a biological father at the age of 18. But it wasn’t until his sister was deployed to Iraq and he took in his two young nephews, that he really became a father. The then 28–year-old quickly realized what it takes to be a full-time parent and how being a father, or father-figure, is important not just for the kids, but the community at large.


We got a letter recently from John Walker in Baltimore. He wrote: “How often do a pharmacist, a social worker and a geriatric physician plan a wedding for a dying cancer patient in an inner-city Baltimore hospital?” John’s wife Kat Walker is the pharmacist in question. She talks with Dick Gordon about the wedding she planned for a young cancer patient – in less than 24 hours. The ceremony helped validate Kat’s choice to go above-and-beyond in her job and brought new meaning to the words “…‘til death do us part.”


"All You Need is Love" Performed by John Lennon from the album Yellow Submarine and the "Wedding March" by Richard Wagner from the opera "Lohengrin."

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