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October 28, 2010

Airline Whistleblower


This summer Kirsten Arianejad discovered the real cost of blowing the whistle. She lost her job. Kirsten worked for Compass Airlines, a regional carrier. Kirsten loved the job and the travel, but she says the pay structure is set up in such a way that she was earning about $17,000 a year for full-time work, so little that she qualified for food stamps. Kirsten spoke out to a local TV station. When her company found out, she was fired. 


Recently on the program, in honor of Halloween, we re-aired one of our favorite scary stories. A woman discovered a man living in the crawl space above her apartment. Today, a listener calls in with her own version of that story. The difference? She lived on a military base.


Late last week, the Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas was awarded the prestigious 2010 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. Farinas says the award is not for him, but for the Cuban people who he says, “have been struggling for 50 years to get out of this dictatorship.” Ernesto Bazan is a photographer who made it his life’s work to portray those ordinary people in Cuba. He spent years there, but was ultimately banned from the country. Learn more about Ernesto's book Bazan Cuba


We recently asked listeners to call in with real life ghost stories. Today, listeners from Michigan, California, and Massachusetts share their stories.

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