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October 25, 2010

Conserving Haitian Culture

Conserving Haitian Culture

In the days and weeks after the devastating January earthquake in Haiti, people looked at the damage to buildings - schools, museums, churches - as evidence of the destruction, not necessarily places where great art had been lost. Cori Wegener is leading an effort to find and restore the lost treasures in that country. Her training comes from both her 21 years in the U.S. Army reserves and her graduate degree in art history. Cori wrote the military manual on conserving cultural heritage after helping salvage the National Museum of Iraq in 2003 and is now putting her skills to work in Haiti. She talks with Dick Gordon about the treasures she has seen - and saved - along the way.

Next Chapter: School House

When we spoke with Rachel Weeks two years ago, the young entrepreneur had just launched her collegiate apparel company after studying ethical fashion in Sri Lanka. Her goal: to create a great product while paying her Sri Lankan production team a living wage. Today, we find out if Rachel's business got off the ground, even amidst the national recession.

Can't Get No...

This week, Keith Richards' much anticipated autobiography goes on sale. The question for fans is: how much more can be revealed of the Rolling Stones' wild ways? Most likely it won't include this next story... but you never know. Susan Jane Gilman grew up loving the Stones and fantasized about meeting Mick Jagger. At the age of 15, she got her satisfaction, with an unusual twist.

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