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October 13, 2010


A group of people posing outside a church door.
Alma Cousin (far right), Elizabeth Hays (bride) and family at Elizabeth's 1999 wedding.

The Help Nonfiction

Produced by
Denise Schreiner


For nearly two years ‘The Help’ has been on bestseller lists across the country. It’s a fictional account of African-American maids and their white employers in Jackson, Mississippi in the early 60’s. Today, Dick talks with Alma Cousin who was a real-life maid in Jackson at that time, along with Elizabeth Hays, one of the white children she cared for.


With Fall on the way, it’s time to close up shop for one family. And "shop" turns out to be on the front porch. This was the 19th summer for Jim and Jan Stoffer, who run "Wholly Cow" Frozen Custard out of their Delafield, Wisconsin home. The shop has helped send all five kids to college and has been a financial constant through a turbulent economy.

  • Visit the Wholly Cow website.
  • See a photo of the Wholly Cow Frozen Custard stand.
  • See a photo of Jim with President Obama.
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