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October 12, 2010

Live from the Pithead

Live From The Pithead

In 1958, a coal mine in Springhill, Nova Scotia collapsed, killing 74 men and trapping 100 underground. Over a week, crews raced against time to find them. Covering the story from the pithead was a young reporter named Jack MacAndrew. His work was part of the first live international television coverage of a disaster in history. As the world awaits the latest news from the rescue efforts for the 33 trapped miners in Chile, Jack talks with Dick Gordon about what he saw and learned at the Springhill Mines.

  • View CBC archival footage of the Springhill Mine collapse


Today is the 10th anniversary of the bombing of the USS Cole. That's the Navy ship that was docked in Yemen when it was attacked by Al Qaeda suicide bombers. 17 American sailors died. Producer Matt Ozug of America Abroad has a radio feature about one of the survivors of the explosion, Jesse Neal, who left the Navy and became a pro wrestler.

A Road Trip To Remember

Albert Otto wrote to tell us about the family vacation he'll never forget - the one where he got separated from his family. It took hitchhiking, an appearance on national radio, and the help of a kindly farmer to find his family again.

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