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October 27, 2010

Ticket to Exile


Adam David Miller was just nineteen years old when a rash decision changed the course of his life: he wrote a short note to a young woman he was interested in and passed it to her. The problem was, the girl was white, and after he was caught, Adam had to face the harsh punishment of Jim Crow law. He was forced to leave his hometown of Orangeburg, S.C. For 57 years, he never told anyone the story.


Erin Culton once received an unwelcome love note. She turned the awkward experience into an art project. She's now collected dozens of letters written in moments of passion and had them read and recorded for a website. She says her Anonymous Heartache Project has taught her something about intimacy and relationships.


We've asked for personal encounters with politicians - and you responded. Listen to a few stories from fellow listeners and call in with one of your own. This time tell us your story of small town politics - or the ballot initiative that meant something to you. Our Open Mic number is: 1-888-966-9862.

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