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November 19, 2010

Looking Through You

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Neurologists are getting closer to understanding the rare condition known as face-blindness, but there are still many people who don’t know they have it. For 38 years, Heather Sellers knew there was something wrong. It was only when she saw the words “face recognition” that she understood why all those dates and friendships had gone so badly. She talks with Dick Gordon about how face-blindness has affected every one of her relationships, and what it’s taught her about loving human flaws.


After Dick’s conversation with Derrick Bliss, a young blacksmith, many of you called our Open Mic line to tell stories of how your youthful passions led to a lifetime of satisfying work.


Kathy Misun grew up in a family where music was very important. Her dad was a singer, and would sing Danny Boy often for Kathy’s mother. Years later Kathy was divorced and new to the dating scene. And while she was dating a new man, one she really liked, she kept hearing that song Danny Boy in the most unusual places.

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