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November 15, 2010



Yassin Alsalman is a Canadian musician and filmmaker. Because he has an Arab name and family that’s originally from Iraq, he often has trouble crossing the border into the U.S. A few weeks ago he spent 5 hours with customs officials at the Toronto airport before he was denied entry to the States. The episode was that much more absurd because it followed the script of his best-known music video. Yassin performs as The Narcysist, and the video in question is called P.H.A.T.W.A. He talks with Dick Gordon about what it’s like as a young Muslim man, trying to get people to think differently about the so-called War on Terror.


We’ve asked listeners to call the Open Mic line with stories of dreams coming true. Elizabeth Borowsky called to tell about how she helped Dick Smith realize a lifelong dream. Dick is 95 and lives in a retirement community. He’s had a piece of music in his head since the 1930s. Elizabeth is a professional pianist who helped him hear his music for the first time.

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