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November 03, 2010

Surviving the Midterms


Last night was a tough one for Democrats. The election results have many looking back to 1994, the last time Republicans took a large number of seats in the House. Donna Shalala was Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Clinton administration at that time. She said the voters then, as now, delivered a powerful message - and the most important thing for politicians to do is listen.


Cathleen Falsani won a trip to Africa in a raffle, and it's there she met Vasco, a boy from Malawi with a serious heart problem. Cathleen talked with Dick last summer about how she managed to get Vasco to the U.S. for life-saving surgery. We all guessed the story wouldn't end there. Dick checks in with Cathleen to find out how she and her husband came to adopt Vasco as their son. Learn more about the film that's being produced about Vasco.


On October 29th 2008, Philadelphia won the World Series. Philadelphians were swept up in a moment of great celebration and poured into the streets. Ted Passon, who is not a sports fan but joined the revelers that night, came home to find his car flipped. Ted wasn't angry. Instead, he started a blog called "Philly Fix My Car" asking his beloved Philadelphians to chip in. And, to his surprise, they did. Visit the "Philly Fix My Car" blog.

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