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November 09, 2010

When Science Becomes Personal


Matt Redinbo and Bret Wallace are celebrating the publication of their research article in the latest edition of the journal Science. The two were a part of a team that’s been working for a long time on ways to alleviate the difficult side effects of a common cancer drug called CPT-11. Matt and Bret each had an extra bit of incentive to do this work. They had both watched friends suffer the side-effects of  the drug. Read the abstract here. Learn more About Matt's and Bret’s Lab


Hurricane Tomas is on its way out to sea after soaking Haiti with rain and flood waters. Roody Joseph is a Haitian American missionary who’s been working in Haiti since the earthquake hit ten months ago. He lives in one of the tent communities there. Today, we check in with Roody to see how he and his neighbors fared during the storm.


Dick Gordon talks with a California map maker about the unusual way he got his business off the ground. Frank Neilsen's story involves a passion for maps, a dog fight, and a willingness to step in to help a woman in need.


Ayiti Leve (Haiti Rise Up) by Belo; Time to Move On by Tom Petty from the album The Wildflowers

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