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December 14, 2010

Leaving the Moonies

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Rachel Raney


Diane Benscoter joined the Unification Church when she was 17. She soon believed that the Reverend Sun Myung Moon was the Messiah. She stayed with the cult for 5 years. Her distraught parents eventually hired a deprogrammer to de-brainwash her. It worked, and Diane became a deprogrammer herself. Diane says she has come to believe that the religious extremism we see today, is very similar to what draws people to join a cult.


Kyle McNamara was injured in Afghanistan this past spring. He lost his leg when he stepped on an explosive device. This past week though, he was snowboarding in Colorado. He was in Breckenridge for the “Hartford Ski Spectacular” in which 800 physically disabled athletes took to the slopes.

Plus - we check in to see what's new with the Howe brothers.

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