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December 31, 2010

The Roxy on Twitter

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The Roxy on Twitter

Are you heading out to a club for New Year's Eve? Will you check your Twitter account before you go? Lots of club owners hope you will. The legendary music club The Roxy is coming alive through social media. Nic Adler's dad, Lou, started the club in 1973 - the same year Nic was born. Nic literally grew up there, but by the time he took over, the entire Strip was in decline. Nic is now reviving the club, and his business community, with social media strategies, dropping print ads in favor of spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook. 

Meet in Grand Central

Millions will have their eyes glued on Times Square tonight for the biggest New Year's Eve party in the world. When Mark Haggarty thinks of New York, he thinks of Grand Central Station. Mark’s dad loved the city and worked there his whole life. Mark and his brother grew up taking the train to meet their dad at Grand Central Station, near where he worked. They even had a special meeting place - under the clock tower. 


 "New York, New York" performed by Beegie Adair for the album Swingin' with Sinatra.

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