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January 12, 2011

Divorce And The Kitchen [1.12.2007]

Ame Gilbert studied fine arts, but when she got married and had children, she found her life defined by the kitchen. Fortunately she loved to cook. After she had children, cooking became her primary means of communicating with her husband.

Looking back, she can trace the disintegration of her marriage through what she was creating in the kitchen.  

Food is a way to express our most intimate parts of ourselves. In the last year of our marriage I had dinner parties every weekend and sometime even mid-week. It was almost desperate. Come over. Come on I've cooked. In a way it became a way to kind of fill the void of the marriage.
- Ame Gilbert

Once she separated from her husband, Ame realized that she didn't have anyone to talk to about food. So she had to create a whole new voice for herself, and that meant a whole new language of cooking. Dick talks with Ame about the 'map dinners' that helped her create a new family ritual and escape from the reality of dad's empty chair at the table.   

  • Explore Ame's favorite food sites here and here
  • Ame wrote about her food/divorce odyssey in the magazineGastronomica

Music in the show is the theme from the movie Tom Jones as performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra. Album: Choice Film Soundtracks Cuts, Vol. 4: BBC Concert Orchestra.

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