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February 22, 2011

Camp David Then And Now

Camp David: Then And Now

Egypt’s revolution has raised new uncertainties about the future of peace in the Middle East. Last week, an opposition leader in Egypt announced the irrelevance of the 1978 Camp David Accords that led to 30 years of peace with Israel. Dick talks with William Quandt, one of the people at Camp David, about what that event taught him about how enemies can work together and find a solution. The memory gives him confidence in Egypt in the important days ahead. (View Asmaa Mahfouz's speech on YouTube.)

Tales From A Divorce Ranch

These days, divorce seems relatively common, but in 1946 when Marilu Norden tied the knot, divorce was unthinkable. When her husband wanted to split and they were unable to divorce quickly in their home state, Marilu packed her bags for a 6-week stay at a "divorce ranch" in Reno, Nevada. Marilu talks with Dick about her adventures out West, and how a split made her more whole.

Next Chapter: Jon and Chris Boggiano

Jon and Chris Boggiano both served in Iraq. Many of their military buddies struggled after leaving the Army. So Jon and Chris decided they needed a new focus. They started a business that teaches corporations how to be green. Dick spoke with the brothers in 2009. So - were they able to leave their difficult memories of war behind, and make the business thrive, even in the recession?

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