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February 15, 2011

Fearing The Past

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Fearing the Past

Jan Dominique runs a small business in Canada, but she’s actively involved in a long distance fight against Jean Claude Duvalier, the Haitian dictator who returned to Haiti last month. Her entire family suffered under his regime - her father, the famed journalist Jean Dominique, was exiled; his radio station was ransacked; Jan was among those imprisoned. Now that the former president Jean Bertrand Aristide is talking about a return, Jan fears the days of terror and repression will come back. She’s organizing Haitians in Montreal to lodge a complaint against Duvalier, and hoping that can make a difference.

Presidential Medal of Freedom

Gerda Weissman Klein will be at the White House today, receiving the 2010 Medal of Freedom from President Obama. The award is for her work to teach tolerance to children, and to combat the issue of hunger in the America. Gerda survived six-years of Nazi cruelty. Her parents were killed in Auschwitz. She lost her brother in the war. She was in the labor camps and watched her closest friends die on a death march. Though her experience was horrifying, Gerda also remembers wonderful acts of decency, testaments to the human spirit. Dick Gordon spoke with Gerda back in 2006.

The Power Of A T-shirt

Krista Bremer is a regular contributor to the program. Krista’s husband is from Libya, and she was raised born and raised in California. Today she talks about understanding the power of images and revolutionaries.

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