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February 18, 2011

Fly Cuba [2.18.2011]

Air Cuba

President Obama has eased travel restrictions to Cuba. But for years before that, Vivian Mannerud has run charter flights from Miami to Havana. It hasn't been easy, as many people in South Florida are against any contact with Castro's Cuba. But Vivian is a big believer in opening relations between the two countries and thinks that families, no matter where they live, shouldn't be kept apart.

Jugar Beisbol

Charlie Miranda is also excited about the easing of travel restrictions to Cuba. Charlie was thirteen years old in 1954 when his Tampa-based youth baseball team made a trip to Havana, played in front of thousands of Cubans. Now Charlie and his old teammates are heading back for a rematch, creaky knees and all - the first time in over 50 years that these Cubans and the Americans will be able to play each other.

National Anthem: A Tutorial

At Charlie Miranda's game, there will likely be two national anthems, the Cuban and the Star Spangled Banner. We can only hope that this time the singer will remember all the words. Today, a tutorial from Jenny Hersch who, with her bass in hand, shares her secret to getting the notes right.

Winter Retreat

Violinist and song writer Andrew Bird carved out a stretch of time away from his band to live on his family farm in Western Illinois. Not surprisingly, Andrew's music blossomed. 

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