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February 10, 2011

The Forgotten Social Network

The Forgotten Social Network

Five years before the creation of Facebook, three undergrads at Stanford -  Lawrence Gentilello, Aaron Bell and Tuyen Truong - started a similar website. But university officials were horrified that such information would be online and they forced the site to close. Dick Gordon talks with the three about the social network that could have been. (Music in this story includes "The Facebook Song" by Rhett & Link)

The Heart of a Revolution

When news comes from Egypt, Tunisia is often mentioned. The uprising there was also powered by street demonstrations and a call for a longtime ruler to step down. We first met 21-year-old Mariem Masmoudi last month --just days before she left the U.S. for Tunisia - her family's homeland. She wants to be a part of the historical political change. We check in with Mariem today to find out how things are now that she is in Tunisia.


A listener calls in with her own story of being locked in a closet after hearing Tammy Gomez recount her 2 1/2 days of being trapped.

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