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February 28, 2011

Orange Revolution

Orange Revolution

The recent events in Egypt have Damian Kolody thinking back to his own time in the Ukraine in 2004 when he had a front row seat to the Orange Revolution. He’s from the U.S., but raised in New York by a patriotic Ukrainian family. Damian grabbed his camera and flew into Kiev right before the contentious elections that sparked the Orange Revolution. What he witnessed those 17 days amazed him, making his disappointment with what followed all the harder to swallow.

Musicians In Their Own Words: Lang Lang

The Chinese pianist Lang Lang has heard harsh words about his playing more than once. He's young and not afraid, and he’s been called “vulgar” and the “J.Lo of the piano." Producer David Schulman caught up with him at Carnegie Hall.

Winning and Losing at the Oscars and Beyond

It's the morning after the Oscars - who won? who lost? Actors, musicians and writers steel themselves for these moments; it is part of their work.  Independent producer Jay Allison scoured his archives for some thoughts about rejection and art.

Post Offices

The U.S. Postal Service has plans to shut some 2,000 post offices around the country. Today, stories from Connecticut and Mississippi about the effect branch closings have on a town and the people.


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