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February 17, 2011


Bruce Thompson on snow with wiggling wolverine
Bruce Thompson with the wolverine a trapper showed him along the race route

Race Across The Yukon

Race Across The Yukon

Right now a group of really hardy runners are just finishing what’s called the toughest and coldest race in the world: the Yukon Arctic Ultra. It's 430 miles of such extreme conditions that prior to 2009, no one had made it to the finish line... that year, Bruce Thompson became one of the first.  He talks with Dick about how he did it.  One secret:  Do not sweat into your clothes or you’ll freeze. 

Saved By A Penguin

Elaine Parker was working at McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica when a colleague told her that a lone emperor penguin was sighted a few miles away. Excited to see one of the creatures up close, Elaine headed out and spent time with bird... but then a snowstorm kicked up. Who was there to lead her to safety? Why, the penguin, of course.

Over The Garage Records

Bill Kelly has a cool little project going. Bill has always loved music - he’s played in a few bands, and he’d always wanted to write music - but never had just the right inspiration. Until his grandchildren were born. And then silly and meaningful  songs poured out.

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