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February 25, 2011

From Tahrir Square To Wisconsin Protests

From Tahrir Square to Wisconsin Protests

Alex Hanna is a University of Wisconsin Ph.D. student and teaching assistant right at the center of protests against the education cuts in occurring in the state - he’s even sleeping at the state capitol. While he doesn’t buy the argument that the action is similar to what’s sweeping across the Middle East, he does see a couple of parallels, and he’s a good one to judge: he was also a part of the protests in Egypt.

Store Number One

Eve Silberman was a graduate student in Ann Arbor when she got a job at the very first Borders Bookstore owned by the Border brothers. The company recently declared bankruptcy, and Eve joins Dick Gordon to talk about seeing the ups and downs of the big box bookstores.

Next Chapter, The Bookstore

Two years ago, we shared the story of Carol Grossmeyer. Carol was closing the chain of independent bookstores that were legendary in the Milwaukee area - the Harry W. Schwartz bookshops. But she sold one of the locations to former manager Lanora Hurley. So, did the independent store survive, even as companies like Borders have declared bankruptcy?

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