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March 23, 2011

The Liquidator

The overall danger of the problems at the Fukushima nuclear reactor is still not well known, but one thing is certain. Someone is going to have to clean the mess up. During the summer of 1986, Sergei Belyakov was a 30-year-old Soviet army reservist who became a Chernobyl 'liquidator,' spending 40 days at the contaminated reactor during the dangerous clean-up efforts.

Also in this episode, four New York Times journalists disappeared in Libya recently. They were tied up, abused, threatened with decapitation and finally released earlier this week. One of the journalists, Tyler Hicks, was a guest on the program last March. At that time, he reflected on the dangers inherent in his work.

Plus, It was white on white, so what were the chances of finding that white canister of film on the ground, in the middle of a massive snowstorm in New York's Prospect Park? What Todd Bieber found on the film would end up being seen by hundreds of thousands of people, and would lead him on a trip across Europe.

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