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March 31, 2011

A New Life in Kenya

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When we first began talking with a young Somali, Abdi, about life in Mogadishu, we agreed to never use his name - it would be too dangerous. Today, we re-introduce you to Abdi Iftin. A few weeks ago, Abdi decided Mogadishu had become to dangerous, even for him. With the help of friends he met through this program, and working closely with his brother Hassan in Nairobi, Abdi managed to get out of Somalia. Abdi and Hassan talk with Dick about how they managed it, and what life looks like now for two Somali refugees in Kenya.

Also in this episode, Sidney Morris bought a baby chimpanzee off the side of the road in Africa in 1970. He and his friends learned right away that the chimp needed food and close physical contact. They held him all the way to meet Jane Goodall in Tanzania. Thirty years later, Sidney found the chimpanzee in Arizona. He's not sure if the chimp recognized him, but he guesses he at least stirred a memory.

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