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March 30, 2011

Science vs. Carp

Duane Chapman is a researcher with the US Geologic Survey exploring high tech ways to control the exploding Asian carp population. But he wasn't always working to contain the invasive species. In fact, when Asian carp were introduced in the U.S., Duane worked at a fish farm - and the carp were seen as a boon to aquaculture. He talks with Dick Gordon about his changing relationship with the fish he fondly calls big, strong, and extremely high strung.

Also in this episode, more than one fisherman has suggested a straightforward way of dealing with Asian Carp - eat them, all of them. Dan Collision and Elizabeth Meister are two journalists who went out on the Illinois River to look into that argument.

Finally, Rachel Friedman took her stepdaughter to the Wisconsin labor demonstrations and got a child's eye view of right and wrong. As a social worker and public employee who hast lost her collective bargaining rights, she's still fighting the budget cuts that could hurt her disabled clients.

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