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March 15, 2011

Surviving A Tsunami

As the world watches the rescue effort in Japan, today Dick has two stories of survival.

A year ago, Adam Pinkert headed to Robinson Crusoe Island, a sparsely-populated eco tourist spot, in what Adam calls "the Galapagos of Chile." He awoke in the middle of the night to rumbling and rising water coming into his third floor hotel room. Adam tells Dick Gordon about his escape from the tsunami that destroyed the village of 700 people and the island's only town.

Also in this episode, when Larry Whitlow hears about tsunami warnings, he can't help but remember the terrifying experience he had after the Indonesian quake in December 2004. He was in the water in a kayak at the time.

Plus, listeners have been contacting us in recent days to tell us the story behind a particular song. Today, David Brooks shares his story. The tale involves Johnny Cash, his grandmother Winafred, and a song that became family legend.

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