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March 22, 2011

Where Do You Start?

People in coastal Japan are facing the almost complete destruction of their towns. How do you even begin to think of rebuilding in a situation like that? Four years ago a tornado tore into Greensburg, Kansas, flattening the town. Greensburg is now back, stronger and greener, but the more private story is that it’s a lot harder to bounce back when the people you love are gone. Dick Gordon speaks with two residents of the town, Bob Dixson and Norm Volz, about how to rebuild when all seems lost.

Also in this episode, change comes in a moment ... often what takes time is getting used to the change. Today, a musical memory from Nanci Griffith. She’s a singer/songwriter who turned to another singer in hard times.

Plus, Delsie Bailey became pregnant with her daughter Faith while she was in high school.  She's now a college sophomore, and committed to making sure that other high school girls learn the facts of life.

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