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April 06, 2011

Failure to Modify

Many people are now concluding that HAMP, the plan by the Obama administration to help homeowners with their mortgages, hasn't worked. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are still facing foreclosure. The journalists at ProPublica have been reporting on this and today, Dick talks with one of the homeowners they've found, Pamela Jeter. Pamela got in over her head with a bad mortgage, but the more she's learned about her loan and the pool of mortgages it's a part of, the more she thinks the banks should be held accountable for the mistakes they've made.

Also in this episode, James Brazell bought a Chevy Volt a few weeks ago. He’s one of the last people you might imagine getting behind the electric car industry: James is a former oil executive.

Plus, Rik Converse has been unemployed since 2008. After his unemployment benefits ran out he decided to hit the road just like John Steinbeck did in his book, "Travels with Charley." Rik is traveling across America, with his dog, documenting the stories of people who have been impacted by the recession.

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