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April 14, 2011

Living Underground [4.14.2011]

Matt O’Brien has spent the last decade chronicling the lives of the homeless people who live in the tunnels beneath Las Vegas. That’s where he met Rick Cobble who used to sleep in a sewer drain. Matt eventually wrote a book about the people who live underground. Now that the book is out, Matt’s commitment continues. He’s helping people like Rick move up and out of the tunnels.


Liz Grant always wanted to be a stand up comedian and instead became what she calls a "barstool astronaut." She got sober in 1992 and these days performs for crowds doing what’s called "Recovery Comedy" at places like Alcoholics Anonymous Conventions.


"The Florestine Collection," featuring the work of Helen Hill, will be screened this weekend in Columbia , South Carolina at the Indie Grits Film Festival. Helen was a filmmaker who was killed in a random act of violence in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. At the time of her death, Helen was making a film about a pile of old handmade dresses she’d found at the side of a New Orleans street. Her husband Paul completed the film.


Late last week, we brought you the story of a message in a bottle: An American boy threw a bottle off a boat, and 30 years later, he was contacted by a German woman who’d found it. Today, listener Tammy Healy has a story about her son, a balloon, and a message reply.

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