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April 01, 2011

The Making of Hoosiers

Chances are almost every American kid who's been a high school athlete in the past 25 years has seen the basketball movie Hoosiers. Steve Hollar was one of the local kids hired to act in the film, but before that, Steve lived a real life version of the same story. He was an Indiana high school basketball player from a small town who helped take his team all the way to the state championship. He talks with Dick Gordon about what he learned when Gene Hackman was his coach.

Also in this episode, not all basketball tales have a storybook ending. Tierra Rogers can attest to that. She has real talent, but she was forced to stop playing for UC Berkeley.

Plus, in September, Dr. Clark Wang came on this program to talk about what he'd learned about green burial, and what his own plans were for what happened to his body after he died. Clark died this week, and this weekend, his friends and family are carrying out his wishes.

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