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April 25, 2011

Taking Power


As Japan tries to contain the crisis at the Fukashima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, the world remembers another nuclear disaster, Chernobyl. This week marks the 25th anniversary of the explosion. Ursula Sladek was a young mother in Germany in 1986, when radiation was detected in her town. She thought Germany would shutter their nuclear power plants. When they didn’t, she created the country’s first cooperatively-owned renewable power company, EWS. Now she’s been awarded a 2011 Goldman Environmental Prize for her efforts.


Dr. Elena Bodnar lived in the Chernobyl area and treated children there. The experience shaped her career, both as a physician and an inventor. She has recently begun marketing the Emergency Bra, an undergarment that also serves as a face mask.


Throughout the wide open stretches of Texas, flames have burned through ranches, barns and homes. Firefighters from at least 34 states are helping, but millions of acres of land are blackened. Dennis Braden talks about losing two entire ranches to the flames. Logan Boswell is the County Extension Agent who has been delivering hay and fencing materials to those in need. We also hear reflections from Battalion Chief Mike Rohde who fought California’s enormous Station Fire.

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