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April 13, 2011

What's Changing in Egypt?

What's Changing in Egypt?

Rasha Azeb is an Egyptian journalist who took part in the huge protests that ousted President Mubarak from power. She's been reporting on, and taking part in, subsequent demonstrations. Rasha says that recently she and hundreds of other protestors were dragged away from Tahrir Square by soldiers. She was arrested and beaten. Rasha is outraged at the way the military is treating people and says her experience shows the complexity of power in Egypt today.


We've been following the story of Mariem Masmoudi, an American college student who decided to quit school and go to Tunisia to work for change. Mariem has been blogging about "Tunisia's D-Day," the July 24 elections.


Krista Bremer is a regular contributor to our program. Her husband Ismail is from Libya, so the daily news of the conflict there is personal. Today Krista talks with Dick about what they've learned from family about the recent uprisings, and what she learned about life in Libya from her brother-in-law, Adel.

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