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May 09, 2011

Voices Rising in Syria

Ammar Abdulhamid and his family were forced to leave Syria in 2005 because of their political activity. When recent protests began, the whole family jumped in - online - to be a part of it. Mother, father and two college-aged kids are spending their nights on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Dick talks with Ammar and his daughter Oula about their involvement.

Mariem Masmoudi left the U.S. for Tunis one semester short of her college graduation so she could have a hand in shaping the country’s future. Mariem tells us that she’s been frustrated recently because some Tunisians seem to think democracy is a free for all. But Mariem can't imagine being anywhere else as she and her fellow Tunisians grapple with the rights, and responsibilities, of creating their own constitution.

Since the protests across the Middle East began just months ago, 15 journalists there have been killed. Selma Kalousek can appreciate the danger - she’s not a reporter, but the spouse of one. For years, her husband, Ian Fisher, took dangerous assignments in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia for The New York Times. It almost tore their family apart, until Selma said “enough.” 

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