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October 07, 2011

The Town of Trochenbrod

ntil 1942, there was a vibrant town in the Western Ukraine known as Trochenbrod, full of shops, markets, factories and more than 3,000 Jewish residents. Almost all of the population was killed by the Nazis; the rest of the town was destroyed by the Soviets.

Avrom Bendavid-Val grew up knowing that his father was from Trochenbrod but little else, and decided to search for it. As he collected maps and planned his trip, he realized that there was virtually nothing left to see - not a building, a foundation, a street. But he began to piece the story together, even finding survivors.

Betty Gold is one of them. She was 12 when the Nazis took over Trochenbrod and hid with her family in the forest.

Today, a story of what was lost and what remains.

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