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January 11, 2012

Re-inventing Haiti: Day Two

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People in Haiti don't mention the "earthquake" so much, but most people have a January 12th story to tell. Today Dick Gordon listens to a few stories and finds out what has happened in the last two years. Haitians talk of working to move forward and still feeling pulled by the enormous experience.

Dick meets Emmanuel Delimas, known as Nono, who was always a walker until he lost his leg in the earthquake. He is hopeful about his future despite how hard it is to be handicapped in Haiti. Dick also visits Yolette Etienne, who takes Dick to the home she abandoned after the quake. The walls and roof fell, but the old trees did not.

Andre Eugene, a voodoo artist, shows how his art embodies death. And Jemps Civil, a young entrepreneur, talks with Dick about losing his media business, and his plans to start it up again. “Life is risk, “he says, “and taking those risks brings grace

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