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January 09, 2013

Black Gold Boom

They're hiring in North Dakota. Thousands of people have come to find a job or serve the new arrivals. On Day 3 of RE:WORKING, Todd Melby takes us on an audio tour of the boom towns in the oil fields of North Dakota. We hear from a food truck owner who says she cooks fresh food for workers, and listens to their stories. Meet three men who say they work so hard that a big night out is a movie with the guys in their dormitory. Thanks to independent radio producer Todd Melby and his project Black Gold Boom: How Oil Changed North Dakota. It is part of a national initiative Localore, a co-production of Melby, AIR and Prairie Public Radio with interactive development by Zeega.

Next, Dick speaks with Geoff Swenson. He's a wire liner, the man in charge of tools and equipment needed for wells. He's making big money in Williston, North Dakota and trying to save it.

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