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March 19, 2013

Spiritual Warfare: Evangelical Protestants Convert Catholics

Produced by
Jesse Dukes

As Pope Francis begins his tenure as pope, we look at the huge growth of Protestantism in Latin America.  The Argentine pope is expected to pay more attention to Latin America, or as he called it, "the end of the world." Producer Jesse Dukes explores this shift in Guatemala where Protestants are flourishing. In a mountain town, the robust harvests of enormous carrots and onions are seen as evidence that a miracle has taken root after conversion. Spirituality becomes entangled with politics when Protestant pastors run for office, and their followers use prayer as a weapon. Produced by Jesse Dukes for Big Shed Media. Edited by John Biewen. Support from the Open Society Foundations and the International Reporting Project and the Global Story Project from PRX.


"Stay in the Shade" by Jose Gonzalez

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